Timeless Shores

The Challenge

Creating a luxury product experience through branding and storytelling.



Watches are made to be passed down and associated with people.


Every watch has a story.


Watch features are built to last.


Money from the watch goes to support clean water efforts at your lake.

Developing the Product

The Timeless Shores watch was a concept built around sentimentality and quality. Every watch has a depth map of a lake or body of water set into the face, and proceeds go toward conservation of the featured lake.

Final Product

This final piece showcases what a watch to represent Lake Superior may look like.

Building the Brand


In creating a brandmark, I considered other luxury brands. I wanted the Timeless Shores to be a badge of prestige.


I chose Temeraire for it's bold sophistication, and Poppins for it's simple geometric elegance.


I selected rich blues, browns, and golds to communicate luxury, calm, and suggest the ocean. Deep blue velvet became a crucial tactile part of the Timeless Shores experience.

Logo lockups

Target Market

Jeff Mackerson


Jeff is a 38 year old lawyer, and he just got a promotion. Since he was young, he has lived off of Lake Superior and has made countless meaningful memories there.

Social Media

The first encounter Jeff has with Timeless Shores is via their spokesperson, Chris Hemsworth.


Jeff encounters billboards from Timeless Shore's "Not Just a Watch" campaign.


Curious about the product, Jeff discovers the timeless shores website.

Product & Package

After purchasing a Timeless Shores watch, Jeff recieves a specialized display case to keep it in between wears.

The product also comes with a warranty for lifetime servicing and a polishing cloth.

Business Cards

In his interactions with staff, Jeff recieves a business card with the contact information of a lead member of the Lake Superior Timeless Shores community.

The App

App Design

After purchasing his watch, Jeff continues his experience by downloading the Timeless Shores App.

Finding a Watch

If Jeff wants to add a new watch to his collection, he can easily do it by searching for the body of water.

Managing a Collection

From his collection homepage, Jeff can add a new watch, view his servicing logs, and save details and related memories. With his Timeless Warranty, Jeff can keep his watch in perfect condition for a lifetime.