Leif Trails App

The Problem

The community wants to create a media rich experience that will encourage healthy living.



Creating a system that everyone can benefit from.


A system that is safe for all experience levels.


A high quality solution that represents nature positively.

Understanding the Audience


It's critical to know what to expect.

Most surprises will contribute to a negative experience.

The most difficult part is getting started.

Actually getting to the trail is the biggest challenge to overcome.

The joy is in the journey.

Every step of the process needs to be a part of the journey.

Building the Brand

Leif emphasizes nature, plays off the concept of "leaving" one's original environment, and is a nod to the famous explorer Leif Erikson.

Assembling the App

After research had been completed, low-fi sketches were created, reworked, and turned into clickable wireframes in Sketch.

Wireframe Insights

One key takeaway from wireframe testing was that the position of the avatar and text on the path was inconsistent and confusing. Some screens featured multiple avatars, and others had the avatar overlapping the text on scroll. This would need to change.

Static Prototypes

Leif emphasizes nature, plays off the concept of "leaving" one's original environment, and is a nod to the famous explorer Leif Erikson.

Angie's Story

“I want to go hiking, but it's tough to know which trails are easy enough for my kids without visiting them first.”

Angie (stay-at-home mom & user persona)

Social Media

Angie may discover the Leif Trails Instagram Account.

First Contact

Angie decides to download the Leif Trails app.


After downloading the app, Angie completes the on-boarding process.


Angie uses the filter function to scroll through the trail options that match up with what she is looking for.

Decision Making

Angie is able to explore the different functions of the River Walk, and determines that it is a good path for her and her children to bike on that day.

Getting Moving

Angie received a new pair of shoes from Leif when she signed up. Now she can lace them up and see them as a reminder that she can earn more branded swag by continuing to be active.


Angie utilizes the map and directional tools to easily locate nearby parking and the trailhead entrance with her two kids.


After awhile, Angie becomes tired, and stops at a bench for a break. Her kids are still energized, so she lets them scan into a nearby checkpoint and use the app to identify animals, plants, and insects in the area


Once Angie and her kids complete their loop, she presses the button on the main screen to end the hike.


Angie can use her points or her money to buy Leif swag.