The Client

The Collaboration for the Advancement of Pharmacy Enterprises (CAPE) is a branch of the Ferris State College of Pharmacy that provides pharmacies with Medication Therapy Management and top tier data collection and analysis in exchange for real world student experience.



Using creativity to bring actionable improvement to pharmacy.


Improving conversation between members of the pharmaceutical community.


Improving the collection and interpretation of data.


CAPE is an umbrella entity that groups two distinct services: Medication Therapy Management (MTM) and data collection and analysis (CHARM).

Brand Architecture

Since this structure is unique, our brand system needed to have distinct but related marks that demonstrate brand hierarchy. I created sketches to visually explain this to the client.


The name "MTM" did not originally fit in with "CAPE" and "CHARM", so I championed an effort to create a new acronym. "COMET" was accepted and adopted.

Understanding the Users

Three distinct user types currently interact with CAPE.


"My real world experience with CAPE means I'm more likely to land a good position when I graduate."

College of Pharmacy Faculty

"I want to give my students an understanding of how the real world of pharmacy functions, and show them that pharmacists can be innvoative.


"It's amazing that I get a personalized dashboard for my pharmacy from CAPE, and it doesn't cost me a penny."

Building the Brand


It took a lot of sketching to uncover the best solutions.

Digital Process

Digitizing the sketches in black and white brought new life and exploration of typefaces.

Exploring Color Palettes

Traditionally, pharmacy color palettes contain a lot of blues and oranges. I experimented with a broad range of options for my proposal.

My Proposal

Each member of our team created a unique brand mark proposal with a logo, color palette, pattern, and mockups to present to the CAPE team. This was mine.


The pattern can be used thick, or thinned out for a lighter touch. The concept centers around the connections between faculty, students, and the pharmaceutical community, and perpetual forward motion.

Type & Color Strategy

The typeface I used was Kallisto, primarily in the medium and heavy weights.


I created several mockups of touchpoints to demonstrate how the brand could be applied.

Collaborative Branding

The CAPE team decided to use my classmate Mackenzie Brisbin's logo direction, but to refine it further and create a pattern that was similar to mine.

Type Strategy

The typefaces we used were Halogen and PT Sans Pro.

Color Strategy

The numerous charts and grafts required that we make use of a primary and secondary color palette.


Touchpoint Overview

My teammates and I designed many touchpoints to bring the brand to life.

My Contributions

The touchpoints I was uniquely responsible for include the Coasters, Stickers, Wall Signage, Brochure, Research Poster, and Donor Board.

The Coasters

Wall Signage


4"x6" sticker sheets designed to be used at conferences.

The Brochure


Final Result

The Research Poster

CAPE Pharmacists publish their research in giant 49" x 36" posters. I couldn't control the amount of content, but I could create a template with style standards.


Tile printing

Throughout the process I tile printed four posters to assess type, color, and pattern at full scale.

Digital Directions

Final Result

Donor Board


Digital Prototypes

I created and refined several directions to present to the CAPE team.